Monday, April 14, 2008

Is There Really A Perfect Dining Room Chair?

My favorite chair is the white upols one in the center from Ballard Designs for a mere $700. for one! I like all of the folding chairs, but man sized men always look precarious when perched on a folding chair. I have used many a ballroom chair in my line of work, and have considered buying a set for my dining room.
All of the chairs shown in the collage can be seen and purchased

My yellow salon chairs mixed in with folding chairs

I got two of these oval back chairs in brown on sale at Target for $59.99 each.
They sold out of the sale chairs in brown, so the green one pictured is $99.

Another bloginista is looking for the perfect dining room chair HERE
Her story touched a nerve. Maybe my last nerve.
I have been searching for this holy grail for years. I have nice enough chairs, but in my heart I know they are not THE ones.
Mine are antique salon chairs. They were never intended for dining. They are a little low, and the seats slant forward a little, I think to accomodate ladies in big dresses. They were not made for men to sit in, and of course many men have sat on my salon chairs while dining. So now, they are getting more and more shaky and rickety, and I am just waiting for the hubs to land on his cute ass one day. Or maybe it will be my fat ass on the floor.
Recently I bought two oval back chairs on sale from
They were really reasonable. They look nice enough. But really they are kind of cheapie. They have velvet upols, and it wrinkles a little, and this fabric is a dog hair and lint magnet. But the seat and back are ginormous compared to the antique chairs, and the hubs loves them. I kicked them to the kitchen table, because I think they are definitely NOT the perfect DR chair, but I am happy the hubs feels safe while dining in the kitchen.
Sometimes I find a chair I like, but it costs way too much, especially when you need six to eight of them. Sometimes I wonder about a chair with or without upols. My antique ones have yellow upols that is really a mess after so many years of wear and tear, and my massive mistakes with cleaning them (like taking them out in the yard and hosing them down and squirting soap all over them - the water stains look worse than what I was trying to clean, so now there are seat cushions to add insult to injury).
So let's have a contest!
Send me your photos of the chair you like, and I will make a line up of the entries, and we can vote and finally pick THE PERFECT DINING ROOM CHAIR!

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