Wednesday, April 30, 2008

From Barbie To Baskets In Tigre

I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world...

Large cow hide rugs about $100. US

Hot color cow hide rugs

Bouganvilla plants about $3.50 US

Candle shop

Huge handmade baskets

We walked around the open air market in the streets of Tigre from noon until 7 PM. We took a break for a delish lunch at one of the zillion restaurants nestled along all the stalls. We only covered a small portion of the market in this time. There are ten main artesenials, areas with dozens of streets of vendors, and I think we covered only two of them in all the hours we were there!
There is so much to buy: Barbies; toys; CDs; baskets; plants; furniture; fresh produce; cheese and salami; wine; leather jackets; clothing for adults and children; leather goods galore; art work; lighting and lamps - the list is endless. After awhile it all looks the same, because it is all the same! The prices are good, and it's a cash and carry situation, though a few places take credit cards.
Did we buy anything? Yes, some small trinkets for gifts that we can pack, and some cheese and salami. Our hosts were there to pick up a partial order of 20 tractor seat stools they had made for the rooftop patio and parilla (BBQ) they are remodeling in their B & B in Buenos Aires. They also bought plants and gifts for the grandchildren in the USA.

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