Monday, April 7, 2008

Greyhound Mod Chic

The local Greyhound Bus Station and Amtrak Train Station is vast, and empty most of the time. I go there to use Greyhound Package Express, the best kept secret to ship large items (for more than half price of UPS, the post office, Fedex). I have even gotten a five foot long antique French settee shipped to me this way. Anyway the building is a fantastic mid century modern cathedral dedicated to transportation. Marble walls and terrazzo floors in black and white and beige, are current and fresh. There are two ginormous clocks, one on a black marble wall, the other on the white marble wall, with chunky steel numbers and hands. They are just fabulous! There are rows and rows of leather Eames style arm chairs. I would love to drive up a pick up truck and just take a few home. A wonderful trippy mural rings the entire space. Tony Duquette couldn't have done it better.

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