Saturday, April 12, 2008

Geezer Chic Vintage Fans For Summer

Nice black fan $118. HERE
Oil rubbed bronze $59.99 HERE

Now that decor police on HGTV (and all the other annoying how to TV shows) have told us to rip out all of the ceiling fans, and replace them with cute chandeliers, or recessed lighting, we need another way to circulate the air and cut down on the damn AC and the ridiculous electric bills. Man, I sound like my grandfather! And I look like my grandmother! HOT!
Real vintage fans are nice, but they look like they could slice and dice you just as soon as cool you off. Many new vintage looking ones at many price points are out there, and I present a few for your shopping pleasure.
You can also look for some rusty old ones on eBay if you want to live dangerously, and maybe take a trip to the emergency room to sew a finger back on.


originalmrsrobinson said...

I have a vintage fan I'm still restoring. According to my dad, it was originally used at the old VA hospital in New Orleans. A great site for more information is said...

How cool Mrs. R! And thanks for the fan collectors site!