Friday, July 25, 2008

Brideshead Opening Now In Some Places, August 1 For The Rest Of Us

It seems like we just saw the trailers a minute ago. I think I started seeing them in March, and Summer seemed so far off.
How good will it be? Do we really care? It will be filled with eye candy galore. Clothes, sex, gorgeous interiors and exteriors. Kind of sounds like Sex And The Country. It has to be better than Meryl Streep jumping around and singing Abba in Mama Mia.
While you're waiting for it to come to a city near you, you can get the entire boxed set of the PBS version, or try to find the old movie Suddenly Last Summer with Elizabeth Taylor, Montgomery Clift, and Katherine Hepburn. It's another story about girls who love their gay boyfriends, mothers who love their gay sons, doctors who love their patients, Spain, lobotomies, and New Orleans. Wow!
Go HERE for the Brideshead Revisited trailer, cast, photos, etc.

Time to get my teddy out of storage

Emma doing the Helen Mirren look

I want to see more interiors please

I had the pleasure of getting a private tour of this place in the 1980's
I have photos if anyone cares

Maybe it will tide us over until new the season of Gossip Girl

Fall fashion forecast? Hats, capes, gloves, veils - oh boy!

Can I help you find your Mommy?


Be the change..... said...

well, i saw it -it's magnificent! I would LOVE to see your own pictures of the castle! Can you post them on your blog?

Visual Vamp said...

Hi B.! And welcome!
New Orleans is a backwater, so the movie won't open until August 1 - I'm really looking forward to seeing it.
As for my photos, do you really want to see an older person's old scrap book LOL? They're stashed in a box in the hot attic, except for one I have framed in my office.