Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Martha Stewart At Wal Mart

Good ol' Martha has a wonderful line of wedding favors and decorations at Wal Mart. I was at my local Wal Mart, and just happened to see these. They are so cute and affordable, and some of them would be just fine and dandy for any party, or even for a little whimsy in your home decor.
My favorite, very on trend store Perch has had them hanging in the shop for months. When I first saw them I commented to the owners, and they said, oh yeah, they're cute aren't they, they're Martha Stewart. I thought maybe they did a craft project from the magazine, and was impressed by their crafty skills.
My Wal Mart is a dinky one, and it has never recovered being fully stocked since Katrina, so I was surprised to see these there. So I checked on line, and there it all is! It says these things are only available on line, but check your local stores too. There are invitations, programs, favors, cake toppers, stacking boxes, etc. - you could do a whole paper wedding!

Perch. HERE

Pom pom kit $9.97 HERE

Set of 3 eyelit lanterns $11.96 HERE

Paper flowers $9.97 HERE

Peony bouquet $19.96 HERE

Eyelit lighted garland $14.96 HERE
6 piece lantern set $11.96 HERE

Use them like Lynn von Kersting!

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