Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Orleans Mask Madness

The shop - New Orleans Mask Madness

Mine, all mine

Impeccable workmanship

The hubs got me this beautiful mask for my birthday. Before you think this is something kinky, let me remind you that we live in New Orleans where costuming is a part of life here. People build entire wardrobes of costumes: masks, wigs, hats, crowns, tiaras, capes, and boas to be worn for a variety of events during the year. Of course Carnival season is the height for this fantastic tomfoolery, culminating on Mardi Gras.
We love to mask! We may dress up in three or four different get-ups during Carnival, saving the best for Mardi Gras, when we hit the streets early, making our way to the French Quarter to see and be seen. It's just another Tuesday everywhere else in the world, but in New Orleans it truly is phat!
A few months ago we were in The French Quarter, and stepped into the shop called New Orleans Mask Madness. Owners/artists/mask makers Jim Lewis and Conway Horn do exquisite masks that stand out in a city that sells thousands of them in many, many places. Jim tells me they are the only ones who use Swarovski crystals. Their workmanship is impeccable. The masks are the most comfortable I have ever worn.
So I fell in love with the bejewelled lovelies they make and sell, and ooh-ed and ah-ed, and dropped the hint that one of these would make a mighty fine birthday gift.
Just when you think the hubs goes to his happy place, and none of this ooh-ing and ah-ing makes an impression, a box shows up on your birthday with the jeweled lovely in it!
So go to the New Orleans Mask Madness web site HERE
The photos on the web site do not do their work justice, but don't let that stop you from ordering a mask from them. Call them and chat, tell them your concerns and wishes - they are very sweet, and totally professional. If you are in New Orleans do stop by their store located across the street from the French Market.

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