Monday, July 21, 2008

Divine in San Francisco

No, it's not a story about Divine of Pink Flamingos and Hairspray fame (God rest his ever lovin' soul). I have been wasting the day reading all my favorite blogs. Hey shut up, it's my birthday!
Anyhoo I found this beautiful little santo at More Ways To Waste Time (run don't dilly dally if you haven't read this blog). I thought I'd post it to follow the thread of an earlier post HERE
It's worth your time to look at the rest of the photos and see how the uber real live HERE


Old House Junkie said...

Valorie, Happy Birthday! I once gave myself 18 months to celebrate a milestone birthday. Loved every minute of it until the bills came in. . .

If you've mentioned this on your blog I'm sorry I missed it, but I saw your living room on this evening. I was watching Angelo Surmelis' RMS Spacecasts where he looks at three rooms from RMS and your living room appeared as his favorite room of the week! You go!

It was video #6 "cozy loft" on the section that features his spacecasts.



Leah said...

Thanks for the link -- and happy birthday!


2sisters said...

Happy B-Day Sis!

I Love You!

Your Little Sis


Visual Vamp said...

Hi OHJ, so good to hear from you!
Wow 18 months! I'm pooped after a week of it! And thanks for the heads up about Angelo. Are sure it was me? I'm doubtful since I don't live in a cozy loft LOL. Can you please send me the image? I can't open his space cast.

Visual Vamp said...

Welcome to my sister who left her first comment! Wooo hoo! I love you too!

Visual Vamp said...

Leah, thanks so much for looking in, and for the b'day shout out. I just love your work, and read your blog as often as I can.

Old House Junkie said...

Valorie, I can't seem to link directly to the video, this is as close as I can get

On #6 "Cozy Loft" he talks about three rooms from RMS. Cozy loft is a high-rated room, there's a low-rated kitchen and then he talks about his favorite room of the week Mariposa490's living room. The ghost chair is there which he loves, the blue & white lamp. He calls your space eclectic and says it reflects YOU. Not really sure how he would know that, but anyway. I hope you get to see it. OHJ