Saturday, July 19, 2008

I Heart Target's Saarinen Style Knock Off

I'm a girl on a budget. I also like nice stylish things. I have been wanting a Saarinen style accent table for a long time. I finally got a pair of vintage S-style stools on eBay for $99. and turned one of them into a table.
Had I seen this nifty little knockoff from Target, I would have passed on the stools. This table also comes in white, but the black looks better in person. It's about 16 inches in diameter, and 21 inches tall, good for a coffee or end table, or maybe a bedside table.
It's not the best quality material, in fact one of the ones in the store had a dent in the base. The base is metal, and the top is plastic. I love the tone on tone damask "print" on the table top - you get two trends for the price of one! If you look for it in the store, it's in the dorm furniture collection. You can get it online for only $24.95 HERE
I am amazed at the whole dorm furniture category. I went to art school, and New York City was my campus, and a railroad flat in the East Village was my "dorm". I never experienced dorm living until I attended a tango workshop at Stanford University, and they let us old coeds stay in the dorms.
The idea that there are many stores with entire lines of dorm furniture and accessories for parents to buy and send little Johnny and Janey off to college with, cracks me up. Most of my "dorm" furniture came from the street - I went shopping on trash night on the Upper East side, and found some great stuff. And of course, the second hand junk shops always had great deals.
This table is great for any place. I guess they market it for their dorm collection because it's cheap and Mid Century fab!


mrsben said...

My,my...this is for the frugal buyer for sure. American pricing is so much more reasonable than Canadian. You name it; homes, furnishings, clothing, etc. One reason why us Canadians flock to the States just to shop! Next trip to Walmart (for my household that is basically why I shop there) I must see if they are carrying the same item and price it. Dorm decor....very interesting :)

Visual Vamp said...

Mrs. B! How nice to hear from you!!!
The USA may have good prices, but the dollar is so puny in Canada LOL Also all the best HGTV shows are Canadian!!! How about I video tape some USA HGTV and trade you for some taped Canuck ones! I'll also trade US decor mags with you! And don't forget you have national health coverage, and we got zilch, zip, nada - the hubs and I have been thinking about becoming illegal immigrants in Canada to get some affordable health care LOL

mrsben said...

Hi: Actually our Cdn. $$$ is up - up - up and some days equivalent to the U.S. Reason why long line ups (no pun intended) develop in the Banks some days....smiles. (Yes, I'm guilty as I cash in and hoard it for my next USA shopping trip or vacation.) Regarding exchanging tapes/magazines; actually we get many of your T.V. programs but do have our own HGTV features. My Cdn. favourite Decor Magazine is Style At Home but unfortunately once I'm finished with it (I do make copies of some articles); I pass them along either to my daughter, niece or to the Doctor's/Dental Offices. Oh about our countries Health Care System, it is one of the best in the world, however the waiting lists for specialized tests or surgery are ever soooooooooo long.
(To be blunt, you can be dead and buried before you are processed vie the system. Not unusual again, for many of us Canadians to cross the border into the U.S. for MRI's, Cat Scans etc. and pay out of our own pocket.)