Sunday, July 27, 2008

It's Too Damn Hot and Expensive Out There! So Watch TV Tonight! HGTV Design Star, Next Food Network Star, Mad Men New Season!

It's hot as hell outside. It costs too much for gas to go anywhere, like dinner and a movie, or maybe a little shopping therapy. Thank god we can still afford basic cable television.
Tonight is a triple treat! Sunday night is the perfect night to stay in and canoodle, watch TV, and get ready for the week ahead.
So order some Chinese or a pizza (I hope you can still afford it), mix the martinis, or pop open a beer, or pour a glass of wine, and get into your PJs, and hunker down for the night.
There are three great shows on tonight: HGTV Design Star - The Final, and The Next Food Network Star - The Final - AND Mad Men (on AMC). They come on in some zones stacked so you can watch them consecutively, at least HGTV first, then Food Network. Mad Men may be on at the same time as Food Network, so you can either switch-a-rooni with the remote, or catch the second airing of Mad Men. AMC usually airs the same episode twice, and back to back.

HGTV Design Star
The final tw0 - Mat and Jennifer
Go HERE if you want all the poo
And also HERE

The Next Food Network Star?
Aaron, one of the final 3
He's from Camden, New Jersey
Father of 3, a catering chef
Makes good Southern style food
Cannot talk on camera
Nice guy, but not a star

The Next Food Network Star?
Lisa, one of the final 3
From Dallas, Texas
where she was voted one of top 5 chefs
Miss Perfect, wrapped too tight
Ex beauty queen
Adores Martha Stewart
Has cooking chops, and on camera presence
Comes off like Annette Benning in American Beauty

The Next Food Network Star?
Adam, one of the top 3 finalists
from Philadelphia
cute ex actor/waiter
Owned a BBQ restaurant that flopped
Great on camera - a young Bobby Flay type
He cooks good enough for TV

Grab a shaker and make a martini
And settle in for Season 2 of Mad Men
Sex! Smoking! Drinking Cocktails!
Great Retro Fashion!
Great Retro Interior Design!
New York City when it was swinging!
Sunday nights on AMC

Diary of the mad housewife on Mad Men
Love the costume and set design

Mad Men

Whooo hooo!
Hometown nola boy
Brian Batt from Mad Men

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