Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Do You Trust Google Blogspot With Your Precious Possesion?

Google is a marvelous product and a very handy tool. Many of us use their blogger blogspot templates for our work. It's easy, reliable, intuitive, and free!
But every once in awhile, one of those error screens pop up. I was uploading photos this morning, and this happened. Mmmmmmmmm.
I have a Mac, so I really don't worry about crashing too much - except when I think of The Sex And The City episode (My Motherboard Myself) where Carrie's Mac crashed, and Aiden bought her that crappy one. Everyone kept asking Carrie "do you back up your files?"
I have come to trust good ol' blogspot so much, that I have started dumping photos from my files that are already in use on my blog. I don't have rough drafts of any of my writing anywhere else, again trusting blogspot to be my archive.
We spend hours and hours working on our blogs. Has anyone ever lost anything, like their entire precious blog, due to a malfunction at Google?

What would you do if Google lost your blog?


Mary Kay said...

Hello from a major nerd who advises everyone who'll listen to not only back up, but do redundant backups! I hadn't thought of losing the blog since it's only a couple weeks old, but good question! I wonder if the template download saves all the posts. Have to find out.

Anyway, in reference to a post I saw where someone told you people don't read your blog because they don't comment, stats disprove that canard! I have lurked for awhile and was, in fact, inspired by your blog to start mine. The analogy could be that millions read the newspaper, but how many are confident enough or have the time to write letters to the editor?

GREAT blog. Keep it up! -MK

Visual Vamp said...

Mary Kay, Yes I need to back it up right away! And please let us all know what you find out about the security of our blogs, like would it take a complete meltdown of the inter net to lose them, like the end of the world as we know it (in that case I'm sure there will be other things to worry about LOL).
And thanks for your words of encouragement. Bloggers are audience whores LOL!
Please let us know the name of your new blog, so we can visit.

Mary Kay said...

Hey Vamp,

Thanks for asking about my blog. It's Rate My Favorite Spaces, http://www.ratemyfavoritespaces.com (speaking of whoring, how about THAT for a domain name?)

Also wanted to let you know Firefox Mac won't let me go to the "read more" page on your lead post "Hideous." Some kind of port security issue.

Best, MK

Visual Vamp said...

Hey MK, Thanks for the name of your site! I love the name! Also I'll check the link on "Hideous" - I may have pasted it in wrong...