Thursday, July 17, 2008

Inside Outside Garden Chair

When I did event design, I was always covering things with moss. I covered huge spheres and set them out in the garden, and covered smaller ones and cones and used them as centerpieces.
I covered a purse, and added one gardenia, and used this for a fashion photo shoot about chic bridesmaids' bouquets (mine was an homage to Chanel).
I made moss ball topiary up the wazoo. I made moss animals. I made moss tablecloths and covered entire tables, legs and all. Moss was the anchor for my famous woodland fantasy tablescapes foisted onto nature starved New Yorkers for a hefty price. I even covered chargers used as under plates with the stuff, and of course votive candle holders and boxes and vessels and pots and urns and pedestals and columns.
I stuffed it into everything too. I liked to tie three taper candles together and stuff them into a moss filled aged French terracotta flower pot, and use them along with table centerpieces. I did this for a wedding in the Rainbow Room in Rockefeller Center, and when the waiters lit the candles, somehow a few small fires ignited.
I also covered stuff with galax leaves.
What can I tell you? This was considered clever design irony in its day (and people ate expensive food off those mossy tables). It was the innocent mossy 1980's and 1990's.
I was also the first designer in New York City to use a flat of wheat grass as a "flower arrangement" in a fancy Park Avenue setting. I called it the urban lawn, perfect for any size apartment. It had its debut at The Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse (if I can dig up a photo in a musty scrapbook, I'll scan it for you later). I was mocked by my peers; I believe the words Green Acres, Hooterville, and Zsa Zsa's sister were used...
So when I saw this chair at Casa Sugar I had a chuckle and an urge to go out and get a case of the stuff, and cover one of my ratty cast off chairs.

If you want to do this:
  • Cover the chair with wet newspaper
  • Wrap and form chicken wire around the chair
  • Stuff damp moss into chicken wire
  • Give it a spritz of water daily and it should last a couple of months
  • Wear shoulder pads and Norma Kamali when you spritz it


Design Junkie said...

I once had a centerpiece catch on fire as well. I had the brilliant idea to set some candles in a bowl with confetti. The candles were so tall, I didn't think they'd be a problem and a planned to keep an eye on it. Let's just say that after a little wine, the centerpiece slipped to the back of my mine....

Visual Vamp said...

Oh yes, the flaming centerpieces! I had some cheerleader pom pom centerpieces also catch fire (votive candles nestled around a little to close for comfort), and the party people thought it was part of the celebration! Whooo hooo! Thank god for waiters with water pitchers at the ready LOL

mrsben said...

I have to admit, I am chuckling.
Will store this information in my memory bank. (Thou shalt not use moss,pom poms or confetti near fire.)