Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cat Fight! Decorno vs Kelly Wearstler!

A version of the wallpaper idea suggested by Decorno HERE
I've had this in my clipping file for awhile,
and wondered what I would do with it

I am bad, very bad, but not as bad as Decorno.
I try to take the high road, write my little blog, mind my business, find my voice, blah, blah, blah. But I am white trash. Educated white trash who should know better and control herself from posting blog trash, but I can't resist!

So please forgive me, especially all of those who have been mentoring me, advising me, and encouraging me, and all of you who write the high class blogs (and all of you high class readers who might stumble upon this junk here). I am back sliding big time right now. I feel so dirty.
Decorno posted this HERE .

In all fairness to Kelly I wish I had a naked boob photo of Decorno from Decorno's Playboy pictorial. I was going to paste some boobs on her photo, but even I have time wasting limits. If you Google someone well known long enough, you will find naked pictures I'm sure. Why someone would publish them whilst posting about wallpaper is kind of sad/funny.

If you find my naked pictures, have at 'em. I put myself through art school as an artists' model.

So here are the cat fight stats:

In this corner:
photo courtesy of anon
  • Blog writer
  • Shoe buyer
  • Getting married
  • Decor magazine reader
  • Good shoes
  • No Playboy pictorial has surfaced yet
  • Working class hero and sort of famous
  • Long hair
  • Age -?

photo from Decorno - go HERE for the full view
  • Published book author
  • Accomplished and famous designer
  • Wife and mother
  • 1984 Playboy pictorial posted by Decorno
  • Has her own line of fabric and wallpaper
  • Rich and famous and good looking
  • Great wardrobe
  • Big hair
  • Age - ?

Send your secret ballot to Decorno


none said...

Your husband just came close to dying.

Get your priorities together.

Visual Vamp said...

Hi none, He's just fine, thanks for asking. Life, and living it, is OUR priority, and life goes on, including stupid trashy blogging. Lighten up darling. This is entertainment, and if you really care, laughter is the best medicine.

Old House Junkie said...

Oooh, Val, I've been wanting toile in my bedroom for the longest time and think this might be just the toile for me! ;-)

You go, sometimes a gal just needs a stupid trashy laugh to get through the day!


Visual Vamp said...

to none - you're comments will be deleted

Suzy said...

Ha ha, love it. That's some competition...who to vote for???

anona said...

You're the greatest. This is hysterical.

anon said...

Thanks for the snarky fun! Gotta go vote.

Cote de Texas said...

Well. actually I like the trellis toile a LOT, so you know - I prefer the trellis over your x rated version!!!!!! how are your priorities? haha!!!

love you~!