Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ruthie Sommers In New Orleans -new nola STYLE!

Read about the Holy Cross neighborhood,
the Global Green project Ruthie Sommers
and Domino Magazine
worked on together HERE

The house that Ruthie built...
I am going to see if I can visit it next week
and take some pictures for you -
and while I'm there see if I can
volunteer my services...

The Peak Of Chic gave us the heads up about the profile at 1st dibs on Ruthie Sommers HERE. I found out a couple of interesting things. One is that Harper Collins is announcing her first book to be published called Diary of A Decorator. This is interesting because her other first book The LA House has been on pre-order at amazon for months. I couldn't find any information about the new first book. I just hope that any book Ruthie does comes out before I get much older.
The other interesting thing is exciting and personal, because the article talks about Ruthie working with Domino Magazine and Global Green New Orleans decorating a show house in New Orleans in the Holy Cross neighborhood in the The Ninth Ward. I found something on that HERE:
It's funny and tragic that I live here, and I didn't even know about this project! I would have volunteered to help unpack boxes, and hang pictures for them.

New Orleans, LA - April 10, 2008 - Global Green USA has partnered with domino magazine to decorate and furnish the first home to be completed in Global Green USA’s Holy Cross Project, with lead funding partner the Home Depot Foundation. Some of the interiors – as well as all of the green building features in the showcase home -- will be available for the public to view beginning next month when Global Green unveils its first completed home as a Visitor’s Center.

domino contributor and LA-based interior designer Ruthie Sommers collaborated with domino style director Dara Caponigro on the interior of the model home using all sustainable and certified materials and furnishings that will serve as an inspiration and a template for future affordable green home décor. They incorporated old and new materials to create a colorful, festive and happy décor while evoking a New Orleans sensibility. The result is a livable and cozy home.

“Our first showcase home not only helps educate citizens, developers, and public officials on how we can create healthier homes that are more affordable to operate via lower energy costs, but with domino’s help we are highlighting green interior furnishings,” said Matt Petersen, President and CEO of Global Green USA, “The interior design by domino was guided by environmentally friendly, sustainable and non-toxic principles, and the result is quite amazing.”

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