Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bright And Shiny Object Disease

Swarovski Crystal Bright And Shiny Object

I have been meaning to add Maison 21 to my list of Faves and Raves for awhile. How can you not love a blog written in the third person?
Visual Vamp is having her morning coffee, and wasting her precious morning looking at her favorite blogs when she should be watering her heat stricken garden. Among HER top seven is the ever amusing and informative man about town Maison 21.
The most amusing Maison 21 post entitled True Confessions made Visual Vamp laugh so robustly that she dribbled a little coffee on her hostess pajamas. Being one who plays nice and shares her toys, Visual Vamp generously gives you the link to Maison 21's confession HERE

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