Monday, July 28, 2008

What Do You Find Hideous?

You know you do this. You're with a friend. You're looking at someone else's: fill-in-the-blank. It could be a room, something in a room, a fashion don't, an anon posting, another blog....
My friends and I usually hiss "hideous" or "heinous". It's childish, maybe it's wrong, but we all do it. What to do you find hideous?

An excerpt from a great feature at New York Social Diary with Chippy and Keith Irvine HERE:

NYSD: What do you find hideous?

Keith: Well I mean being in the business they’re so many aspects of it. I mean boring good taste is the killer of all. And then all that nonsense the young are reaching for, I can’t stand! That sort of bogus fifties retro shit. The other real killer is everything beige.

Chippy: And skin looks horrible against beige!

For the homies

From a wonderful wacky site -
It has a slew of homes labeled hideous

I hate to use the H word...

Definitely NOT hideous -
In fact they're fabulous!


The Peak of Chic said...

Well, no need to comment on some of those pictures... but I do love Keith and Chippy Irvine. They sound like a bunch of characters. And while Keith's look is super traditional, there are aspects of it that I just love.

Visual Vamp said...

Awwww. No need to comment on the pictures LOL But I still would like to know: what do you find hideous? There must be one thing, one little, teensy weensy decorating pet peeve LOL
And I do love the Irvines. They're like my parents, but with much better taste LOL

Dianne said...

Oh there is a long list. :)
ceiling fans
theme rooms
Yankee candles
silk flowers
prints instead of real art (even kid art is alright, at least it's real.
family photos everywhere
too much animal print
paper plates and plastic flatware...even outside they are awful
bridesmaid dresses
rude people

I could go on and on but I will give others a chance to add to this list.
BTW, love your blog!!!

Visual Vamp said...

dianne, That is an excellent list! May I add silk plants and trees to the list? And toilet rugs (for the lid, tank and/or floor)?

Dianne said...

You asked for it! LOL here's a few more and I will certainly add your bath rug items! How could I have forgotten? :)

chipped fingernail polish
flip flops
uncolored roots (touch up time)
yard ornaments
patent leather
faux painted walls
refrigerator covered with magnets and junk
big hair
afghans everywhere

I must give others a chance but this is so much fun!!!!!

Sneaky Chic said...

Ok Dianne, I agree with EVERYTHING, except Patent Leather. That one really threw me. What do you have against it? I must know!

I have to add:
furniture that reclines or has cup holders
blinking Christmas lights
too small art/pics on walls
suntan pantyhose

Visual Vamp said...

I must confess I love patent leather too! Ever since my first pair of Mary Janes when I was a little girl. I just got a great pair of green patent open-toe flats, with cool big buckles. Big girl Mary Janes LOL!

Old House Junkie said...

May I add one that's new to me? I've been seeing strangled window treatments quite often on RMS. I cannot stand them. Seems as if the homeowner is trying to make do with not quite enough fabric in the curtain and then tying it up in the middle to disguise that fact. It may be a "hot new trend" but I find it hideous.

I also often find ceiling fans hideous-even the two in my own home. However, they are pleasant and useful things to have. I think of them as necessary evils much like smoke detectors, and hope someday to find a way to make mine much less unattractive. ohj