Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The house in Atlanta - bye bye

Extreme Foreclosure: Homeless Edition

Three and a half years after the Harper family got a spiffy new McMansion courtesy of ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, their new house is up for foreclosure.

As soon as the cameras left and the paint dried, the Harper family promptly used their new home as collateral against a $450,000 loan for a construction company that ultimately failed, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports.

In January 2005, Extreme Makeover bulldozed the Harpers run-down ranch house and enlisted hundreds and hundreds of big-hearted volunteers to replace it with a dream home: four bedrooms, a three-car garage, multiple fire places, a solarium, and a music room. Tears ensued. Host Ty Pennington's hair stood tall. You know the drill.

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Elle said...

OMG, I read about that on Yahoo! this morning. What a shame. You think they'd take more pride in a home that people in their community helped to build.

Dianne said...

Proof that you can change the situation but probably not the person. It's both sad and maddening for all those volunteers.

Visual Vamp said...

You know when you see a big gorgeous house and you wish someone would give it to you, or a long lost relative would leave it to you? That's all well and good, but I would want utilities, and taxes paid on it too, for the rest of my life!
These folks were way over their heads. In kind of reminds me of the lottery winners that are broke in a few years after winning big.

Old House Junkie said...

I've wondered about the taxes on something like this. I quit entering for hgtv dream home because I realized I could never pay the income tax on something like that, not to mention the property tax.

Wonder how these families, who don't have the income to fix up the spot themselves, are able to support the taxes and utilities on these newer, much larger digs that they're given? ohj