Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Do Style Bloggers Have To Be Beautiful And Young? Photos Of Your Favorite Bloggers

I am just catching up with the decor and design blog postings, as I have been distracted and detached lately. I subscribe to a few faves, and Mrs. Blandings posted this photo of herself (on the left), and Heather of Habitually Chic. They met on the Inter Net, and Heather visited Kansas City, where Mrs. Blandings lives, and they got together and made a festive time of it HERE
Many commented on how adorable they both look. Indeed they are just what you would think authors of blogs to do with design, decor, and style would look like.

Elaine from Decorno

Melissa from Sneaky Chic

I have been e-mailing a few other popular bloggers, asking them for their photos for a survey, guessing game, or article I had in mind. Some have declined. Most have sent me a photo, or told me where I could find one of them or of a fellow blogger. Most of these bloggers are women, and most are very attractive, and most are young or young looking.
Does it matter if a blogger is good looking or young or well groomed or stylish in order to have credibility with their readers while making pronouncements on matters of style? Should bloggers hide what they look like? Some ask not to be photographed. As blogs become more important as on line magazines, other media outlets do feature stories on them, and often publish a photo of the face behind the beautiful-to-look-at, and well written blog.

Joni from Cote De Texas
with her daughter

I have so many nice photos, and I thank you all for sending them. Blogs are often a launch point for media recognition, and many photos are in the public domain (mine included). And of course the face and space sites are wildly popular, and have kind of taken the edge off personal revelations at every level.
So many of us work at home either full or part time these days, wearing and working in PJs all day, only pulling ourselves together for a video conference call, or to run errands outside the house. Those are photos we don't have to see LOL!
For fun, I will publish three or four photos of the top design bloggers every week. Would you like me to tell you who the bloginista is, or would you like to guess?
I like having a face to associate the writer with. So many other things are revealed in our blogs, some of it personal, so why not see a photo of who we invite into our homes on daily basis?


beachbungalow8 said...

love it.

Mrs. Blandings said...

A very fun post - and while you don't actually refer to me specifically as "young" I am latching onto it anyway. It is nice to be able to see the face behind the blog even if it is irrelevant. I'll look forward to further posts.

visual vamp said...

Mrs. B you ARE young and beautiful and smart and talented! To some extent the face behind the screen (or the body), is irrelevant. This is not TV thank god! Most people who are in the world of the visual - designers, decorators, stylists, editors, style blog writers, etc. are often attractive and put together very well. It kind of goes along with the territory of visual awareness and sensitivity. Someone once asked me if I would take the advice of someone "fat and ugly" (sorry for the use of unkind words) in matters of style LOL Or if a person who writes on the subject of interior design and decor had really ugly rooms, but wrote brilliantly about other people's work, would have cred in their reportage...Or if age matters...some people dismiss older bloggers as has-beens LOL With writing words one can be anything, any age, etc. It's cheaper than cosmetic surgery, and alot more fun! Thanks for reading my humble rag...

Anonymous said...

Age matters not, but style definitely does. I read design blogs by younger women often attempting to find their design voice and when they post pictures of their homes it begs the question: What in the world are you doing writing a design blog? Hire yourself a decorator and shut up. On the other hand, it is often amazing what good ideas come from the inexperienced and there is nothing like the opinion of a "sage" nor the photos of a life of collected interiors to inspire. It comes down to experience and taste. Some have it young and others must acquire it over time.