Monday, July 14, 2008

Will The Sets From Sex And The City Influence Your Home Decor?

This is a terrific view of Carrie's entire living room -
The two cute matching settees and wood arm chair,
don't seem too cozy - once again her closet and bedroom
are comfort zones, while the public space of the
living room seems like a space to pass through, a sitting room
for the bedroom in the the style of a hotel suite

It's been a few weeks since the release of the movie Sex And The City. It seems like years.
Along with the plot line, the eye candy fashion, and the locations, the set decor got alot of buzz too HERE. Every once in awhile a set design and decor from a movie strikes a chord so deeply that it becomes a trend for off screen homes that we mere mortals inhabit. The most recent movie set that still resonates is the famous Hamptons house in Somethings Gotta Give.
Carrie's new apartment near the end of Sex And The City also struck a nerve. Her TV apartment was known and beloved, but not everyone was rushing out to find out what paint color the walls were (pale blue). There's a knockoff of the coffee table called The Bradshaw that you can get from Room & Board in San Francisco, or from their web site HERE
I doubt that The Bradshaw it will become a decor icon. I rather think the deco style mirrored vanity in the new Carrie bedroom would stand a better chance. The interiors Jeremy Conway and Lydia Marks created for the movie will no doubt play a role in purchases at paint and housewares stores.
"Based on the amount of inquiries I have had just in one week," Marks said soon after the movie's release, "I would say that this film is already affecting design trends."
According to Marks, some of the most asked about items include:

Carrie's mirrored vanity (a vintage piece from Alan Moss in New York,

her new paint color (custom, but similar to Benjamin Moore's "Electric Blue" No. 2061-40,

the LOVE wall hanging in Carrie's foyer (Paul Smith for the Rug Company,

and Charlotte's bed linens (Anichini,

Only time will tell if this set design creates the same kind of lasting longing that SGG did.
If you'd like to read a really terrific blog about decor in the movies go to Linda Merril's Silver Screen Surroundings HERE
My wonderful friend Sabina also sent me an article from the San Francisco Chronicle HERE

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