Thursday, July 17, 2008

What Have You Been Up To Carla Coulson?

I recently wrote a note to Carla Coulson the photographer who took the photos for Vicki Archer's "My French Life" HERE. Carla's photos and Vicki's story are a perfect blend, and one could not be as beautiful as they are without the other.

I believe Carla is Australian (as is Vicki Archer). She has a beautiful web site HERE and a blog too - take a look HERE! She has her own book too, "Italian Joy", which you can get HERE

"Be swept away by Carla Coulson's luscious life in Italy. A visual delight that takes you into the heart of Italian life and culture. One can almost smell the delicious Italian coffee, hear the sounds of the warm, beautiful Italian voices echoing through the streets and delight in the vivid colours at the fresh food markets. Embrace the beauty of Italy through "Italian Joy". Carla really captures the heart of Italy through her beautiful photos and text. Go on a journey through this gorgeous country, meet the people and discover the heart of Italy".
(Amazon review)

Carla replied to my letter with the following:

Dear Valorie, Many thanks for contacting me regarding your blog. I had a look, it's fantastic and you did an incredible piece on My French Life. Thanks for that.I will send you a couple of separate email with images, some from Italian Joy, some fashion I do with Italian magazines and some photos I like. Take your pick.I have been living in Paris now for about three years working for Australian, Italian and English Magazines. I have managed to squeeze in shooting My French Life and my latest book on Paris that will be released in October this year called Paris Tango. It is a collection of images of contemporary Paris and there are photographs and interviews with Parisians about Haute Couture, Moulin Rouge, The Marais, Photography, Gardens, dogs and more....I would be pleased to answer any questions you have and you can have a look ato my blog, that might give you an idea of what I have been up to lately.
Best of luck and I look forward to hearing from you, Carla

Thanks for writing Carla, and thanks for sharing your wonderful work with all of us! I can hardly wait for your new book "Paris Tango"!!!

Fashion photo by Carla Coulson

Photo taken in Italy by Carla Coulson

Positano by Carla Coulson

Paris: Hotel Ritz from "My French Life"

Fashion photo by Carla Coulson

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