Thursday, July 24, 2008

new nola STYLE: COLOR! not your mimi's toile

Welcome to new nola STYLE!
First of all for those who might be asking what's a nola, it's the shorthand for New Orleans Louisiana (like NYC, LA, USA, etc.).
New Orleans is one the oldest cities in the USA, about 300 years old!
It has gone through many reinventions and renewals over those years, coming out more beautiful with each renovation. Ah, the three R's!
While acknowledging a recent set back called Katrina, the new nola is ready to move on. There is so much great stuff happening in New Orleans, making it a great place to live again. Tons of young people are relocating to nola, wanting to be a part of rebuilding a major American city. With them comes everything they bring from elsewhere, style; enthusiasm; experience, while 300 year old New Orleans provides a rich layered culture to build upon. If you've been in New Orleans forever, you're a part of the new nola too!
It's unique beauty is beyond compare, it's inhabitants the most interesting people - there is no other place on earth like it! So new nola STYLE will bring you all the interesting things happening here now - decor, design, projects - the new nola way!

COLOR! not your mimi's toile

N is for new!

The first thing you notice in nola is color. The houses are not painted builder's beige. The second thing you night notice are many street signs in French. New Orleans has gone through three major stewardships: founded by the French; formed by colonial Spain, and refined by the 1812 Americans. Add to that Native Americans, Creoles, African Americans, and immigrants from European, South and Central America, and Asia, you get the feeling that this place is different and exciting. Of all of these influences, the common one that present day nola embraces, is that of the French culture.
So here we are with two French words big in nola: toile, as in the pattern, and mimi, an endearing word for grandmother here.
Certain decor trends are staples that work well in New Orleans: old furniture of high and low pedigree; chandlers; gas lights; wrought iron; brick; fountains; high ceilings; color; and toile!
While all the traditions will never lose their timeless quality, allure, and appeal, sometimes things just need to be shaken up!
Modern colors, as well as crisp black and white, have made their way in the decorators go-to fabric toile. Toile is so very nola, French inspired and beloved by every generation. Give this traditional a twist by choosing one with color.
If you can't find the color you like, and you have some of your mimi's toile slipcovers or curtains handed down to you, break open a box of Rit dye (follow the super easy instructions on the box or bottle), and over dye them!
Over dye is process of adding color fabric that already has color. Traditional toile is perfect for doing this, because the background is usually white or cream, the print black. While the black print may get a bit softened with over dying, it will still read toile.
Another way to update toile is to choose an over size print, instead of the ditzy scale of mimi's toile. The same traditional printed enlarged to an oversize scale is fun and graphic. Also think of toile like patterns, such as script. Naughty toiles are fun too. They're not really naughty - they tend to be prints of merely naked ladies, or lovers. At first they look like mimi's toile, until you look closer! Naughty toiles would be great for the bedroom. I have a vintage shower curtain with naked ladies, that I absolutely love and treasure.
Slipcover a modern form piece of furniture in toile. It brings the old and new together instantly. And of course, updating antique or vintage chairs and settees with a modern toile is tried and true. No skill or cash to make a slip cover? Buy a few yards of cheap toile (look at Wal Mart!), and drape it somewhere in your room. Voila! instant nola style!
But take a look in the marketplace - there are a lot of hip color toiles out there now. Think outside the box: check out laminate toile and nursery fabrics. Toile is a major trend in decorating baby rooms. Shop thrift stores or the sale rack for toile print dresses. These dresses were hot a couple of seasons ago. Cut them up to make pillow covers, recover chair seats, or line the inside of bookshelf or lamp shade. Last year's fashion trend is this year's new nola style!
There are also so many cute toile accents and accessories out there too - pillows, coffee mugs, china, tote bags. candles, lamp shades, shower curtains, place mats - sometimes just a touch of toile in a hot color will give you the new nola style!

Angelie Parlange new nola style
even though her family has been here for 300 years!

Over scale pink toile is definitely not your mimi's

Her dress would make some fab pillows!

Cover a modern couch in toile
for some new nola style!

Script print is another way to update toile printed fabric
A fresh coat of white paint on mimi's settee
is so modern
without sacrificing the tradition of the piece

Over dye a toile slipcover pink!
Hot color pillows make this new nola!
Valorie Hart Designs

new nola style in nyc!
Ivanka Trump's version

Over size scale prints are a graphic way to update

Over size scale print known as medallion
because of the medallion in the center

I love each chair painted a different color

Black and white always looks so new

Over scale print AND a trendy color
Two ways to get new nola style in one little pillow!

Over scale print bedding
This could be interpreted two ways:

exploded toile, or a modern damask print

More exploded toile bedding
paired with 300 year old daybed ends
used to make a king size statement
Valorie Hart Designs

on Magazine Street in Soho nola
The best place to buy modern toile

Pretty room from Rate My Space
I would remove the ruffles
to make
this a little more new nola style

Mimi's daybed with new green toile!
Love the little black accent chair
Any color paired with white is so Creole Regency!

"Naughty" toile from a sewing room from Trystan's Closet
I have this print on a vintage shower curtain too

The print is very Fornasetti like
If you see this fabric or shower curtain
snap it up! (and send it to me)

Another more refined naughty toile
Find it HERE

Here's the naughty toile in the room
You'd have to get close to see
not your mimi's toile
The pink boots look sexy too!

Modern naughty black and white toile

Can't sew ? Small budget?
Just drape some hot color toile

for instant new nola style

Swag it and drape it!
$1. per yard fabric from Wal Mart
Coronet (crown) $2. flea market score
on top of an upside metal shelf
from Pier One for $12.99
Gilded with spray paint ($2.98)
Garage sale frame ($2.)
has a scrap of red toile napkin fabric ($1.)
Valorie Hart Designs

Bargain toile, Ikea duvet cover, cute dog - new nola style!
Valorie Hart Designs

Uptown Girl Charlotte Moss
drapes her closet in over scale toile

Use store bought yellow toile curtains
(Waverly from Lowes)
instead of cabinet doors
Shown here in a book room -
under a kitchen sink would work too
Valorie Hart Designs

Last year's fashion trend....

....becomes this year's new nola style!
Look for hot fresh colors

Not your mimi's toile lampshade!
The drum shape is so happening -
this laser cut beauty HERE
but you could DYI a stock lamp shade
with fabric or paper -
Do the inside only for a more new nola look

Laminated toile (plastic coated) placemats HERE
Use them for your dining table
use them to make pillow fronts!

Over dyed chocolate brown toile -
Get that box of Rit Dye today!

More new nola Style to come! I couldn't do this without Google Images, and all those of you who have come before me with all your images out there, for all to share. So thanks to: All The Best, Terramia, Black White Bliss, Style Court, Apartment Therapy, Pan Dan, Lacquer, Trystan's Closet, Flkr I Heart Toile, Rate My Space. If you see a photo I used, and would like me to mention it please e-mail or leave a comment, and I will be happy to do so.


vicki archer said...

Gorgeous post - I love all those toiles. I live in southern France and I have noticed many patterns are now becoming available in the local markets - thanks for the inspiration.
Looking at these images makes me want to pack for New Orleans today!

Visual Vamp said...

Vicki Archer on my blog! You made my day! We're waiting for you here in New Orleans - you will absoulutely love it here! You will be so appreciated by all the mimi's and their daughters and grand daughters!

Ladygrande (Texas Marie) said...

Love this post (along with your others). NOLA is just a short drive from Houston, and many of us do it often. The toiles are marvelous --- must get that magazine!!

columnist said...

Can you tell me more about the pagoda patterned toile, (wallpaper & fabric), such as maker and where to buy? Thanks!

Visual Vamp said...

The pagoda toile is yummy! This toile is made by Thibault. Sorry, I don't know where it's sold- can anyone help columnist locate it?