Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Domino Magazine August 2008: An Issue To Make You Horny

I feel like writing one of those "Dear Domino" letters, but it's been done to death, and I don't think they care that much. The current issue, August 2008, is a snooze bordering on crap. This issue is almost as bad as their "green" issue published earlier this past Spring. I had to check what the magazine is about, and it says right on the cover it's "The Guide To Living With Style".
I don't buy magazines that have food or hardware in them, like Dwell, or Better Homes and Gardens, or Real Simple, or even Martha Stewart Living. I like decor, and I want to see it, lots of it. I think most Domino readers feel this way too. Domino dedicated two huge features to food this month, one about fish tacos (4 pages), and one on ripe tomatoes (6 pages). Then there was a page about projectors. And a few pages about organizing the garage. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. And one called "Down To Earth Glamour" which had no glam, and an ugly earth brown couch for sure. And the cover confuses me. I don't know who the girl is. I read the cover credits, and it gives the name of the photographer, the stylist, the hair and make-up, but not the location or who the girl is. And there is never an inside story about the cover shot. This issue was dedicated to doing things with "high style on a real-life budget", I suppose to mirror the current economy. I prefer a fake life budget. There was ONE high style feature, but it was just one small photo on one measly page (the $2,018 Hollywood Regency living room overhaul). Also a pretty pale pastel "neo Southern belle" spread was nice enough, but not spectacular. And the $250. Ikea wood four poster bed was served up at least three or four ways, hardly a news flash since it's been in the stores and catalog for some time now. Uh, Domino, I thought you knew that your readers are design savvy shoppers.
But the worst is five pages with pictures of animal horns being used as an accessory. I personally do not have anything against said item per say, but five pages of the things is really cruddy editing. And animal horns seem to be a trend past its prime.
I have been so out of the loop, I didn't even sit by the mailbox this month waiting for Domino. I guess I got used to getting my subscription after it's already in the stores. So it was a pleasant surprise, and I really looked forward to savoring the new issue. I hunkered down on the couch with an adult beverage, and started to read and browse. I felt a tingle of disappointment, but thought, nah, I'm just not focusing. Pay attention. Read it again. Look at it more slowly. Actually read the words. I did this several times, hovering in an uncomfortable state of denial, and felt numb with disappointment. What is happening here?
There is an article called "A Godfather Of Design" in which the designer David Netto says "...magazines chronicling every flash-in-the-pan decorator before the paint dries on their first projects..."
Was the entire Domino staff out for Summer vacation, leaving this issue to be produced by the temp help? Or has the paint not only dried, but dried up?
Dearest Domino, you may be one of the last decor magazines standing, but that doesn't mean you won't disappear before you're ready to go.

Thom Filicia's horny lake house

Alice Turner's horny kitchen

More horny hot mess at Thom's - two photos!

Alice's wall o' horns

And just one more set of horns in Alice's living room
You go girl!

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