Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Calling All eBay Decorators

Please send me photos to post of all the great stuff you've found to decorate with on the great virtual flea market eBay. You can of course include stuff from other sources too. Please tell your story about it.
I share a photo of my living room right after I thought I lost everything in a natural disaster. I really didn't lose anything, but I was so depressed after the shocking experience. Luckily I found Jonathan Adler's combination decorating and self help book book Prescription for Anti Depressive Living. I went off the deep end in eBay waters trying to get that happy, happy Adler feeling. What a mess! But more fun than a bottle of Prozac and a fifth of vodka.
PS Most of this stuff found its way back to eBay. Maybe you have it in your house!
e-mail visualvamp1@yahoo.com


Lilia said...

Ebay addict is what I am; I already accepted it. Every day I browse thru my "Favorites" for that GOTTA HAVE piece. My living room in RMS is all about ebay. Last night I was thinking that I need more walls. I need therapy!

visualvamp.blogspot.com/ said...

No therapy! Just more stuff! One comment I got at RMS asked me if I needed stuff to fill my empty life, and the answer is YES! Have fun hunting and gathering and displaying it all.

Anonymous said...

You must've had a blast caving in to the crave!