Friday, March 14, 2008

Vampy Valium For A Recession

It's hard out there for vamp.
Gas costs a fortune. I mean really! $500.+ a month to fill a tank! Your Summer house is in foreclosure. A bag of apples costs $7. at Wal Mart.
Decor spending is on the back burner of the old stove you're dying to upgrade.
Shopping therapy seems out of the question, but still a vamp has to have some little luxe thing to ease the fright of ending up living out of a well decorated shopping cart under a bridge somewhere.

From LA Closet Design, a cloth hanger cover filled with dried French lavender, which smells pleasant and repels moths; $42 from (310) 289-1311 or

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Anonymous said...

Lovely product. (You should decorate a shopping cart for Mardi Gras).