Monday, March 24, 2008

First Rate My Space Convention In New Orleans!

The idea is to start the first annual RMS convention, by the people for the people!
I have done a few events in New Orleans, and I think this is a perfect spot.
Anyone who comes would just pay for their way here (many can drive here), and their hotel room (people can share a room too). I will block a bunch of rooms for us. It's that simple.
We can get together, yak it up, walk around New Orleans, eat, drink, shop, and most of all watch the first RMS TV show together!
Since this happens June 15, we have to act quickly.
I am going to the hotels this week, to try and secure the date and good room rates.
Once I have the hotel, I'll put it up on my blog with all the details, and as much as I can at RMS too.
I am hoping to make this an annual weekend get together!
So help me get a buzz going in anyway we can!
The photo is from a view of the city lights taken from a ballroom in one of the hotels I have used, and hope to get for RMS First Annual Convention!
Save The Date: June 13 - June 15


Justine said...

I think this is the greatest idea! I don't know if I'll be able to make it to the very first one, but I sure would love to get to meet some of my RMS friends in person! What a blast it would be! And how very sweet of you to take on this HUGE task yourself! Kudos! Justine :o )

French said...

I wish I could make it but unfortunately, or fortunately this year my happy azz will be laying on the beach in Jamaica from June 10th through June 20th~~my daughter is a graduating senior so it's a combined family vacation and graduation gift~~~~please do keep me posted though;) French

mrsben said...

Your idea is a fabulous one and I do wish you success in your endeavour. (I have been posted on RMS for 'exactly' a year to the day, but have just logged off the site indefintely to conquer my interior upgrades. Since I'm a Canuk, I wish THIS new show was to be featured here. "Sarah" where are? HELP! Then again I would have to move my house to where she is..smiles.) Please keep us posted on your progress. Your creativity, talent and engery is definitely to be commended.

lewis4 said...

I think it sounds like a blast!! I would have to check our summer schedule with kids camps, etc. :) and talk the hubby into it. :) How do we get on RMS? You are now our insider!!!! :) Anyway, I think it would be a lot of fun to meet everyone!! thanks for keeping in the loop! Lewis4

Anonymous said...

Wow, you were up to a lot last year!