Thursday, March 27, 2008

Real Rooms 2

Kind of slacking these last couple of days. I actually had to get up from Barbie (what I call my little iBook), and do some work in the non virtual world.
Been working on the antique cupboard I got on eBay. It's turned into a beast that is being tamed. The hubs built a frame around it. I insisted using some 100 year old funky wood. He wasn't thrilled, but he did it, under the heading of you and your crazy ideas. I decided to give it a fresh coat of white paint that I would knock back. I wanted to make the "new" frame mesh with the cabinet.
I have been using this great waterproof paint in the bathroom reno. So I thought, cool, I'll use it on the cabinet. It worked great on the reclaimed wood, but not so great on the old cupboard. Ah oil base paint for sure, with me trying to put a latex product on top it. Duh.
So I began peeling it off, sanding it off, but not entirely stripping whatever managed to adhere. I got a very nice effect. I did a light white wash with Kilz primer, and then waxed the whole thing with paste wax. I cleaned up all the old hardware too, just enough to have a patina and not look cruddy. I have one more surprise element to add...stay tuned.
Also, I must put on clothes today that are fit to be seen in public. I have a meeting today at the hotel I chose for the RMS convention in June. I am hoping to put the details out there for all of you to see a little later. Save the dates - June 13-June 15!
So In the meantime, I know how a visual vamp needs a daily visual fix, so I am showing you a few more spaces done by fellow vamps.
Remember, my record keeping is faulty, so if you see your room and you want credit, please e-mail me and I will take care of it right away!


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your posts because you make me smile. I love the way you tell your story. Now I want to see this cabinet you and "hubs" have been working on. Your RMS gathering sounds really fun. I would love to make it but I'm going to Jacksonville in April and Atlanta/Savannah on Memorial Day so I be thinking not that is unless I win the lottery. Keep up the great posts and I will keep reading. My blog is new so not much to see but am having a blast being here. Susan - ~SDM52~ :D

Anonymous said...

Room number one is a charmer. Black & Green together: Nice. Can't wait to see that old cabinet. Paste wax over distressed paint sounds delish.