Tuesday, March 18, 2008

HGTV Rate My Space Coming To TV in June 2008

It had to happen. With over 30,000 on line postings on any given day, and thousands more looking, lurking, and rating, you would have to be a dead programing executive not to put this on the air.

Rate My Space

Premieres: Sunday June 15

"Since its launch in July 2007, Rate My Space on has become an online phenomenon with thousands of users uploading photos of their triumphant room makeovers and less-than-perfect redesign results to the site.

Now, HGTV will premiere Rate My Space, a new weekly series featuring host and designer Angelo Surmelis. Each week, Angelo will showcase the best makeovers on the Rate My Space web site and use them to illustrate design ideas that can help homeowners with problem rooms. In addition, Angelo and his team will locate a Rate My Space user who has posted pictures of a problem room and arrive in person to provide a beautiful room makeover. Every episode will provide viewers with a plethora of design ideas and takeaway tips".

Sounds a little watered down. Where's the ratings by the people? The comments from the people? The bitch slapping? HGTV should take a page from Dancing With The Stars or American Idol and include the thumbs up thumbs down viewing audience. They are missing tons of revenue from text messages and call-ins. The thousands of loyal on line RMS-ers made it successful by being involved, by participating. HGTV is short changing them by having the host have all the fun.

And Angelo? Yuck. His present show is a dud, and so is he. You need some hot mess kind of person to host Rate My Space - The TV Version.

The photo is a real space from a real person on RMS - hope Angelo doesn't knock on this door.


French said...

I do think they could find a better host than Angelo, but never knew this was in the works~~~very cool idea and yes the executives have waited much too long to figure this out for sure...you can check out my blog too at http://frenchkilt.blogspot.com/
Thanks for the info~~~French;)

lewis4 said...

Hey! Lewis4 here from RMS!!:) What a great blog!! Thanks for visiting my rooms. Your article about RMS was completely my experience there as well. It is at once thrilling and infuriating...and addictive! :) I have been ripped (and I mean ripped) 2 or 3 times! then everyone comes out of the woodwork to defend you...it is crazy and fun. You are truly talented and I will visit your blog often!! thanks, Lewis4

Susie Q said...

Hi there!! This is Sue from RMS. You left me a comment that led me here and THANK YOU!!
I love it there but yes, people can be awful can't they?
Thankfully most are dear.
I love my home even if it isn't grand
and fancy. I hope they will do homes that are smaller in size, done on a budget!

I adore this blog and have put it straight into my file!!


Anonymous said...

Raz here! I do hope this show is a success. RMS has many, many talented people. Most are folks who have worked and spent many hours making their homes warm, inviting and beautiful! Yes, there are meanies out there who have to spoil it for some but it's still a great place to get ideas, get to know people and most of all it's FREEEEEEE!!

Anonymous said...

Boy, all this RMS talk really got the people commenting! (p.s. I like Angelo. He seems like such a good person).