Friday, March 28, 2008

What Would You Pay For RMS Convention

What's involved with the RMS Convention?
I am trying to get a hotel space for anyone who cares to come to New Orleans, first to meet one another, and second to watch the first RMS HGTV show together. There will be the city of New Orleans to shop, eat, walk around, etc. There will be a meet and greet party for all the RMSers. There will be a screening with gourmet "TV dinners". We are working on some decor workshops too. I would love to do a discussion group so we could share our RMS photos and experiences. I plan to make this an annual event for all the lovely design/decor "geeks" out there. There is such a great feeling of togetherness on RMS among all the comments and photos we share, and many of us have been wanting to meet in person, to deepen the friendship formed on the inter net. Anyone with an interest in decor is welcome to attend.
Right now I am trying put together a hotel package deal that will be a good deal. As soon as I have all the details, I will put it up on my blog (and as much as I can on RMS).
What would you pay for the weekend hotel package? Your feedback is important as I try and find a pretty and welcoming venue, without breaking the bank.
So save the dates: check in Friday June 13 -check out Monday June 16, OR just come for the screening on Sunday June 15.


Susie Q said...

I envy those of you who can go....we have a trip planned for that week! One with a wedding involved so I can not opt out!

I hope it all goes well and you have a splendid turn out!


Anonymous said...

Not in my universe, plus I'm writing from the future.