Thursday, March 13, 2008

More Tea Please

The garage was large. My crew and I transformed it into a Tango Tea Room! For those of you in the know, this became a portent of things to come.
Sea grass mats covered the floor.
We made foam core arches in the shape of Moroccan doorways to fit over the windows.
I covered the ceiling and all the garage-y ugly stuff up there with gauzy cotton scrim from the theatrical supply. My friend Peg DeFilipis was starting her business Bella Fiore, and made me the killer faux flower garland. I added all the French wire teapots and teacups - a bit twee for sure, but I needed to get tearoom message across.
Ruby Beets good girlfriends Sharone and Honey provided the wire furniture and little antique tea table. I bought the big white vase from them and still have it! They made all the black and white toile pillows, and white seat cushions too.
All the urns, pedestals, mirrors, and architectural elements came from the then new girl on the block, Miss Amy Perlin.
Out of frame are gilded ballroom chairs wearing organza dresses placed around small tables skirted in crisp white battenberg lace. Just peeking in frame, are pedestals we made out of birch tree trunks.
Refreshments were served, mainly speakeasy "tea", in antique china cups.
A hidden boom box played tango music.
It was the most popular garage on the block!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! What's the backstory on this garge? What was the occasion? Anway, love black & white toile and love ballroom chairs in organza dresses (wish they were in frame).