Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring In Your Air

The flowers may not be blooming outside yet, but the shift in how the air smells makes us all get twitchy for the scent of blossoms.
Satisfy your craving with indoor scents. Old fashion sachets or potpourri in fresh natural scents always deliver.
This is my little stash. There are three little pillows filled with lavender made by Sabina Lewis at She's a perfume vamp who lives in San Francisco, and could whip up a few of these little beauties to tuck away in a drawer, or under your pillow (so relaxing and it induces sweet dreams) .
The trad box of orange scented potpourri comes from Agraria in San Francisco. I swear I've had this for twenty years, and it's still going strong. All I have to do is give it a little squeeze and orange blossoms waft through the room. This is high quality, and I think it was around $40. for this box way back then, but look how long it's lasting!
The twiggy looking thing is a staple for Southern ladies of the house. It's Vetiver! It's all natural, and you place it in pockets of coats hanging in the closet, or on a shelf, or in a drawer. It can be purchased from the long established perfume shop, Hove (Ho-vay) in New Orleans in The French Quarter, 824 Rue Royal, (phone 504 525-7827). It is very long lasting, and when I bought this a couple of years ago I think it was around $15. for a tissue wrapped bundle.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, now you're talkin' my language. I don't tolerate perfume well, but I'm wild for naturals such as you've described in your post. What a divine little stash you have. My nose is twitching at the thought of those orange blossoms. That is one of the scents of my childhood summer nights, back when Bakersfield was loaded with citrus groves. And lavender, I can't do without it. I'm fortunate enough to live in an pocket of the California central coast that has a Mediterranean climate. Lavender grows so easily here, and I've had my own plants since 1992.