Tuesday, March 4, 2008

White Ironstone Is Still Fresh

A trend in the 1980's involved conspicuous consumerism, which led to conspicuous collecting. Collectors are magpies and hoarders to a great extent, and the g0-go 80's with money to burn fueled the jones.
Antique white ironstone came to the forefront thanks to Ralph Lauren, Peri Wolfman of Wolfman Gold in NYC, and later in the 1990's taken up by Martha Stewart.
Many of us still have our collections, though trends have moved on from mid 19th century collecting to mid 20th century hoarding.
Somehow, good old white ironstone still holds its charm, antique, yet clean enough to exist in any decor.
Here are collections from Betsy Smith, Michael Pelkey, and myself.
The photo with the pudding molds is in Michael Pelkey's living room. The collection of alabaster lamps had just be rewired by the hubs for Michael's clients.


Decorno said...

I *love* ironstone. I am worried if I buy even one piece, I won't know when to stop.

visualvamp.blogspot.com/ said...

The idea is not to stop! Let your home look like a very fine gift shop! Thanks for writing...

Anonymous said...

Love it all. Lots of white pieces all together. . . lots of white anything all together. . . continues to turn my head. Oh, those lamps. (I was a poor student and poor newlywed in the 80's and totally missed out on all the overblown consumerism. I do my best to catch up, though)