Saturday, March 29, 2008

Eeeewwwwww Carpet Tiles

Recently I posted a comment on another more famous decor blog, in reply to a request asking for suggestions to help a reader named Carrie with her design dilemma entry hall. Off the top of my vampy head, I suggested carpet tiles. Any throw rug or mat for the front door is always problematic. Will the door clear the rug to open smoothly? Will the mat stay put and not slip around? How often must it be cleaned in such a high traffic area?
I have never owned carpet tiles, but I have seen them on the television design shows. They seem cool, because they have a sticky back that keeps them in place, without gluing them down, so you can pick them up easily to reconfigure, and also take them outside and hose them clean. They also have a low pile profile, so it seems that most doors would glide smoothly over them.
Carrie seemed to want a change from trad to a little more rad, and again carpet tiles come in great groovy colors. And they are not too costly. So I thought maybe a small square grid of carpet tiles might add something to the standard issue travertine looking floor pictured.
Being the new bloginista on the block, in a pantheon of savvy decor divas (whom I admire and respect), brings on a slew of sharp retorts from someone called anon. The comment to my comment was: eeeeeeewwwww carpet tiles!
So here are some carpet tiles I found on dwell.
"Official distributor of Alexander Girard designs máXimo recently announced its collaboration with InterfaceFLOR, a producer of modular carpet tiles.
The collection, which will launch this spring, will feature Girard's La Fonda del Sol sun imagery, along with the cheerful color palette we've come to associate with the revered mid-century designer. The partnership seems apropos—Girard wrote a letter to Herman Miller president D.J. Depree back in 1953 expressing interest in creating a modular carpet tile system. Some fifty plus years later the market is just catching up".
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mrsben said...

I agree that carpet tiles can solve some decorating dilemmas and can be quite esthetic. A word of caution though to those that have children and are using the reversible FOAM interlocking carpet mats over a 'section' of hardwood flooring. In time they may notice a discoloration between the two areas (of flooring), particularly if it has been subjected to sunlight.

Anonymous said...

The more choices available for design dilemmas, the better.