Thursday, March 20, 2008

Washington Post Decorno Domino And Sheep

Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! We are all little sheep with our noses pressed up against the glass. Always hungry for something to look at, to get, to play with. Always with our noses up against a pretty store window, or in a magazine, or pretty book. If we were dogs our noses would be up each other's ass.
Here's an excerpt from a comment on Decorno:
"And please, for the love of god, can we all stop just scanning photos from this month's shelter magazines and posting them with little or no analysis or commentary? I'm at the point where I don't even bother reading most of my home magazines, because I've already seen all the best bits on blogs. Again, we're not adding to the conversation when we're doing this -- we're just giving the magazines a bunch of free PR. (And, I might add, boring our readers.)
I'm certainly as guilty of this as the next blogger, but the ubiquitousness of the "Drew in Domino" posts popping up across the blogosphere the last few days should be a reminder to everyone to make a better effort to keep our blogs personal, and original".
She's right of course, but we all are looking at the same things worldwide now. So there is going to be overlap and borrowing from one another. This is not so bad, it's how trends are created. Every decor blog still has it's own personality, that of it's writer. I kind of like the over-the-fence camaraderie, even if a few images do get repeated.
At the risk of speaking decor blasphemy, I think Domino is okay, but not the greatest magazine.
Like many visual vamps, I could have a good time under the covers with any decor magazine.
The Drew Barrymore cover and lead story are a blatant rip off of the now defunct In Style. But who cares? In Style folded, so Debbie Needleman is smart to pick up the slack.
As for The Washington Post gal - she's just doing what we all do - trying to find editorial to fill an empty page. That's her job. It's our pleasure. I am happy that the decor blogs get some ink, because they deserve it. They have revitalized the magazine format in every way shape and form.
When I was an art student one of my teachers told us to steal from the best, that there is nothing original anymore, but by coming through our own experience, it becomes fresh again.

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Anonymous said...

And you certainly have developed your own style. I'm glad there's some overlap because I don't have time to check everyone's blog. I check yours everyday, and then if I have time to play I look at the others on your sidebar. But for the most part, if you don't tell me about Drew Barrymore's wall, then nobody will.