Friday, March 14, 2008

A Smelly Little Morsel

Just when I thought the tassel might be dead, Agraria, the home fragrance company in San Francisco, has come up with a new way to release scent: through decorative tassels with fragrance beads hidden inside the fringe.
“I saw lots of tassels hanging in people’s homes,” said Jim Gentry, Agraria’s president. “Since we had a history of having tassels on our packages, I said, Let’s put some fragrance in one of these tassels.”
Now, he said, he puts them everywhere: “I have them hanging on every doorknob, and on hangers in my closet, and in my car.”
The scent should last six months, he said, “but whenever it does dry out, I’m just going to put some more cologne spray on it.”
TasselAire tassels in eight scents are $35 at Charlotte Moss, 20 East 63rd Street, (212) 308-3888, or at
This vamp is spritzing all her tassels right now with Lavender Fields Room Spray, $3.98 for the 8 ounce bottle at Wal Mart.

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Anonymous said...

Another good fragrance idea. But why not re-stuff the tassel instead of spraying? If they don't design them that way, they should. (by the way, in or out, I like tassels).