Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Different Kind Of Intelligent Design

Marc Friedland is the visionary owner of the Los Angeles firm Creative Intelligence, that specializes in branding experiences by design. Marc is genius, and he surrounds himself with the best talent.
The top photo is the company holiday card, that came with a CD of great music, and a very funny DVD about Marc as a child with budding creative intelligence.
This gem of a book is out of print, but can be found at once in awhile.
"...angel, creative mid wife, resident mom, director of photography, and all around style meister, who pulled the project (book) together in every which way possible..."
This was written by darling Marc about a certain visual vamp you know.
Check out the web site HERE
It will make you smile, and give you a sense of the marvelous mortar and bricks creative factory Marc has built. You should stop by and visit when you are in Los Angeles.

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Anonymous said...

Just visited the website. I'm wowed. It's awesome. I used to dream of working in an environment like that, just swimming in all that creativity with like-minded souls. Who's the certain visual vamp we all know?