Wednesday, March 19, 2008

HGTV Design Stars For Rate My Space - The Men

If I was the producer of Rate My Space - The TV Show, I would not use Angelo Sumerlis (top photo) as the host. His current HGTV show is 24 Hour Design - if he took off his hat you would know who he is. He just doesn't have what it takes.
My candidate would the Brit Clive Pearce, sidekick and host of Desinged To Sell. He's not a designer, but he is such a great host and personality. He has my favorite HGTV commercial, when with a dapper look into the camera he says "soon there won't be an ugly house left in America," and then his eyes twinkle just so, not being mean exactly, but all knowing, like right, that's not going to happen, and he does a wicked little laugh. Surely he has hung around enough designers to be able to help an RMSer. He would be so comforting to the person selected, but not patronizing or cheesy. And that accent is so cute, and so is he.


mrsben said...

I feel Angelo shud be given at a least a chance. It appears he has the experience and can be quite charming (from the letter he wrote). Of course once again being a Canuk, I do have my favourites.
i.e:Steven Sabodoz and Chris Hyndam are two real Honey-Bunnies. (HGTV Canada/Ex-Designer Guys show series.) Wishing both Angelo and RMS success on their new show, sincerely.... (I'll be watching for sure.)

Anonymous said...

I like Angelo, but I said that already. I know, I know, that Clive is bursting with charm.

Anonymous said...

And Clive also has a soft spot for animals.