Monday, March 24, 2008

Your Letters To Visual Vamp

Many of you are writing to me, and I just love it! It would be great if you could please leave a comment too. I know it means signing up at Google's blog spot, and you may not want to do this.
So from time to time I'll post your letters.
Thanks for helping me get the *visual*vamp* off to an amazing start!

Hi! Thanks for the invite to your blog! You are so funny, I was laughing out loud so much that my husband asked me if I was ok from the other room. Your description of RMS is so very accurate, and I completely agree with your sentiments! Thanks for the laughs and for being YOU! Melissa


Thanks for the nice comment on my bathroom. I have looked at your blog and found it to be entertaining and interesting. I agree about the ratings on RMS. If it isn't typical pottery barn or straight and out of the box, the reviews and comments are nasty. I redid my bedroom, using little money and a lot of creativity. When I posted it, I was amazed at the negative attitude. I didn't leave it on there long. I am surprised that my bathroom is getting much attention and the high ratings, after all it is just a humble little room. Anyhow, thanks again, I have enjoyed "meeting" you. I have my dining room posted under a different name. I used to have a business and had a different computer there, that is where I posted the pictures of it. When we moved, somehow, I can't get back into that one. It's under dearadream, look it up. It might not be as exciting as the bathroom and most people that commented said it needs more stuff, but I am not a duster, and don't have a house keeper, so more stuff is not for me. Beth


Of course you can post my comments! I don't mind if you use my name either - I think I will enjoy plenty of anonymity with "Melissa". I will definitely keep on reading for sure.
Thanks for making my unemployment enjoyable! I am already hooked. I think I will go into withdrawal when I get a job and have to focus on other things - on second thought, no, I'll sneak your blog in :) Take care and stay fabulous, (is it weird that I don't even know you, and I think you are fabulous?) Melissa

************************************************************************************* Hi: I found your site on RMS and I love it! We seem to share the same opinion on many subjects! May I ask you what you thought of the winner of the HGTV dream home? Did it seem staged to you or maybe I just think I would have reacted a bit differently?! The host was trying to "talk it up" about the win but the woman just said nothing and kept scratching at her head. Maybe she had too much wine as I saw her husband take the wine glass out of her hand. They definitely knew they were coming. Oh well, maybe I am a little bitter since I didn't win! On another subject I don't have a space on RMS as I don't have a digital camera and wouldn't know how to load my pictures. Decorating has always been a passion for me and I am slightly addicted to the RMS site. It is awesome to see how much talent is out there. I always said to my daughter this has got to be a show and was delighted when I read your comment and found out it was! I agree with you about Angelo, yuck! I LOVE Danielle and she would be my first choice. I also like Joan Steffand (sp) and think she would be great. Even though Candace is my favorite I think she is too "fancy" for a down home feel. Well, sorry for the rambling. Hope to hear back from you....... Cherie


Hi. Was hopping about on RMS today and came across your posts again and again. So, I’m curious . . . are you just a huge HGTV fan, or something else? Again, just curious.
I posted a few things about the show back on one of your spaces and would have mentioned that we’re to be included on one episode, but I wasn’t sure if we’re supposed to mention it or not supposed to talk about it. Just didn’t want to do anything I wasn’t supposed to. There’s the one guy who has talked about it openly on his space, and because of some other info I have about the episode we’re to be on, I did acknowledge we’ll be included, as I thought we might be on the same show. Turns out not! Will surely stop back by the blog so that I know what’s going on! Thanks – Clyde aka wintepark


Hi again -
The internet is an amazing thing, and enables anyone and everyone to have a little louder voice about things they enjoy or for which they have some passion. Good for you for taking advantage of the opportunity. My life partner and I began a huge life change in early 2000, after some difficult times, and I got into HGTV in a huge way. I found I had some talents and interests which may have existed before, but had never shown themselves. I may weave them into my life a bit more as we go forth. HGTV, and now RMS, have been wonderful to enjoy from afar, and now, at least somewhat, to become a small part of. We don’t know a lot about our episode, actually. Our space – most notably one aspect of that space, and I’m not sure I should give it away – is one of I think three spaces to be inspiration for a “hacienda style” bedroom. What’s fun about this show from others I’ve seen is the interaction between those with the inspiration space and the new room. We participated in a video conference call with them. Initial awkwardness seemed to give way to good-natured teasing (okay, I think that ended up being focused on me . . . no surprise!) and laughter. The guy we dealt with from Pie Town is a prince. I think that is who everyone is dealing with. Such a sweet, nice and sincere young man. If businesses have employees who are golden, this guy is PLATINUM. We ended up going to dinner two evenings, lunch to break up the shoot and gave him a tour of Winter Park . . . introducing him just after the shoot to one of our new neighbors, one of the pair of Barred Owls which has, I believe, set up a nest somewhere around us. I just added her to my Rate My Space page this past week, and he was like a kid – he’s not too far off at 23 (uuuuuhhhhhh, I’m feeling OLD!!) – when I located her and he got some shots. Okay, I’m rambling, but it’s Saturday evening and we just opened some chardonnay . . . and I didn’t sleep well last night because two others who appear on my RMS page (our Boxers, Ellie and Katie) were taking up so much space on the bed last night (they get especially snuggly when it’s cool, as last night), I didn’t sleep terribly well. Far be it from me to infringe of the rest of the princesses! I know you worry about Angelo – from your blog – but I think he’s going to be terrific, from our brief experience. Again, never got addicted to 24 Hour Design, but as ships passing via video conference, we found him to be engaging, funny and eager to please his homeowners. Only time will tell. I think the rooms for this show are going to reach a higher level, also, closer to my absolute favorite on HGTV, Candice Olsen. Rooms which are truly “designed”, not simply decorated this way or that. Good luck with your blog. And your Easter festivities . . . saw your table on RMS. Love the lettuce plates, bunnies and napkins. Truly sorry for the loss of your friend. I’m sure she would have loved that creative, fun and VERY Easter-y table! I’ve dealt with loss this past year; and, it is not easy. Best - Clyde aka “winterpark”


VV - until I saw your post I had not heard anything about an RMS show. Where is this information posted? I love the idea of getting together - that idea rocks! I can certainly start helping by spreading the news of the show and your idea. If you have any further details please point me in the direction. You must be extremely organized to be an event planner...lots and lots of details in that job. I'd love to help in some way. Please give me suggestions on things that I can do. I bet we can spread the information quickly. Thanks for the reply.
Happy Easter. Pam


Maggie said...

Hello Mariposa,
Just wanted to stop by and say hi. I enjoy your blog and came by here by the RMS way. I look forward to seeing more developments on the RMS NOLA event! Keep up the good work! MG

Anonymous said...

I do both:)