Monday, March 24, 2008

Letters from HGTV Angelo Surmelis About Rate My Space

I am a virgin bloginista, so I was amazed and touched that HGTV personality Angelo Surmelis found my new blog, read it, AND wrote to me. I felt a little bad about what I said about him, because as you can see by his e-mails, he is very sweet.
I share them the with you....

Visual Vamp,
Angelo here. I heard you're not a fan (and that's cool) but I hope you give the show "Rate My Space" a chance. The homeowners are amazing, the inspirational homeowners are enthusiastic and sincere and our carpenter, Jared and his team perform nothing short of miracles every week. I may not be your cup of tea, but I think the show might surprise you. All the best and stay creative, Angelo Surmelis

Hi VV,
Yes, feel free to post my comment.
I am as passionate about all things visual as you and your readers.

I certainly am not a "big name" decor guy...just someone who is lucky to make a living doing what I love. I am proud to be a part of the HGTV family and always love hearing form people like yourself who are motivated, excited, frustrated, and curious by design.
RMS is a fantastic forum for all of that.
I love the idea that you and some of the RMS fans might be holding a screening.
Unfortunately my shooting schedule is a bit busy and I will not be able to make it to the screening (I think my next day off is DEC. 25th).
Thank you for the invite.
You and other RMS fans can learn a bit more about the show or sign up for it at the production company web site:
Each week a new low rated room gets a HUGE makeover while being inspired by three other RMS posters that were rated high. The made over room then gets reposted on RMS for a new (hopefully higher) rating.

The air dates right now are as follows:
Premiere June 15th
Regular time slot starts June 19th (new episode)
Another sneak peek of a new episode June 22
This is all subject to change so look for promos giving specifics along with checking local listing...
OK, now I sound like a bad commercial.

Have a great weekend and stay creative,

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Anonymous said...

I knew he was a good guy:) So he hunted you down! Are you still in touch?