Sunday, March 23, 2008

Really Small Spaces

New York Times writer Penelope Green did a nice piece in the Style section today.
It's about how Broadway stars decorate their dressing rooms.
The slide show is fascinating, and filled with lots of good ideas that would look great in any space, including yours. I especially liked a little orange table, and a paper lantern trimmed with star fish.
Pictured is Harvey Firestein in his dressing room during his run in Hairspray.
The NY Times is using audio slide shows, where you hear the writer's voice narrate. I turn the sound down. For some reason being told what I'm looking at robs me of a little pleasure of processing it for myself.
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Anonymous said...

How enchanting to be able to decorate a dressing room. I mean, you could throw all the rules out the window. So, what's the story about this orange table and starfish-trimmed lamp? When did you have a dressing room? Please cough up the story!