Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Towers of Power - The Etagere

My mother was a homegrown decorating doyenne. When she would call a shelf unit an etagere, I would be impressed that she knew such a word, and that we had one.
Lately these little towers of power have been all over the place in many decor magazines from Elle to Domino to Country Living to Shelter to Veranda.
Not a bookcase, since the sides are open, the etagere as an airy look. Not a middle class curio cabinet either. The Frenchy fancy word conjures up savvy. It's tallish proportions make it an easy piece of furniture to insert in any room. In fact the etagere over the toilet tank is common enough in every aspect.
I recently got one because I wanted a place to put some of my big books in the living room, other than on the coffee table. I love it.
The top photo is my etagere purchased on eBay for $39. with $25. for shipping.
The second photo is a lovely bamboo etagere from English Country Antiques, 26 Snake Hollow Road, Bridgehampton, NY (phone 631-537 0606) for $588.


laughter said...

love the etagere and I learned a new word. thanks said...

Go out and get yourself one! And remember etagere is just a fancy word for a shelf unit :-)

Anonymous said...

Wish I could find one shaped like the Eiffel Tower. But then again, no. I'm sure I couldn't afford it.