Monday, March 17, 2008


This just in (at least for me - I seem to be the last to know): "So it turns out the Fall/Winter issue of InStyle Home will be its last. So sad because I'm sure most of us enjoyed the Home issues and with House and Garden Magazine now gone I wonder what new magazine will pop up or end up biting the dust. You might want to pick up the last ones."
Well boo f**king hoo. I subscribed months ago, and no showie. So I wander around airport mag racks; Wal Mart mag racks; Lowes' mag racks - you get the picture - looking for it. All this time I thought my inner clock was off. I hate the way magazines don't publish every month anymore. I hate that double month thing they all seem to be doing. Is it cheaper? Don't they have enough time wasters to find editorial content and fill those pages? Just turn to the bloggers! We can fill the pages!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Vamp. You just crack me up. There's that humor. I love it when you say things like, ". . . and no showie." When I first stared following your blog, you were on the run from Hurricane Ike, and you stated, "Me no like-ee Ike-ee." I laughed out loud.