Monday, March 31, 2008

Wallpaper Murals Dead Or Alive?

Remember the wallpaper murals from 1970's and 1980's? I recently stayed in a guest room where there was one in front of the bed. It was a woodland scene, a birch forest. Oddly, it was very relaxing to look at it in a trippy sort of way.
What better way to have an instant graphic for a blank wall or door. If you juxtapose something groovy in front of it, the mural looks exciting.
The top photo of the cream rose is on sale now at target.c0m for $169.
The vaguely hip version of the Art Nouveau Victorian poppy, and the dewy pink rose are from and range in price from $54.95 - $78.95
Size is approximately 6 feet X 8 feet.


Cote de Texas said...

VV: These are gorgeous!!!!! Wow!

Anonymous said...

When it's done right, in the right room, with the right stuff around it, a wallpaper mural works. I really like the one in photo #2.