Monday, March 3, 2008

In Fifteen Minutes The Stool Got Recovered

I feel like the Marsha Mason character in the movie "The Goodbye Girl". Her boyfriend finally gets some extra cash, so she can stay at home and decorate their apartment. She paints, and shops, and puts her new living room together. The shot pans out to her squinting at the room and at a magazine she holds in her hand. She wistfully comments aloud - why doesn't it look like the picture in the magazine?
How many magazines, how many books, how many HGTV reruns, how many other people's homes have we all looked at, and thought, well I can do that too.
Of course we don't have money to buy just anything and everything to make this happen, so there is much making do and being "creative".
So I find myself daydreaming and peering at my creations, and wondering if I had the money, could it really look like the magazine? Or is it better, since a certain character, a certain bohemian veneer always envelopes these projects gone off the mainstream decor grid.
Being a visual vamp, a sort of vampire always lusting for looking at pretty things, makes me restless.
Here's my latest itch to scratch.
I was sipping my morning coffee in my living room, when my eye gazed on the tired stained velvet on this stool. I started prowling around the house looking for something to fix it. In the box filled with stuff to take to charity, I saw a print dress I discarded.
A tingle! In fifteen minutes the stool got recovered.


Cote de Texas said...

Mazel Tov on the 500th - love this stool - really amazing.


Linda Merrill said...

And congrats on your first year - woo hoo!

Renae said...

I think this is a fabulous post! Love the fabric and the ingenuity!

Things That Inspire said...

I have never seen a blogger post a link to their first post, and it is such a great idea! I think it sounds like your voice already.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how sweet Miz V. It's like looking at your baby pictures! I just hate not having been in on your blog from the beginning, but at least I'm not too far behind. Thanks for linking us to day one!