Monday, May 19, 2008

Always In Style - Andy Warhol

God I loved Andy Warhol. He was kooky and Czech born, art school educated, a nerd, a party lover, a hard worker, and wildly talented. We had a lot in common. Including our hair-dos at a certain point. I often saw him at Studio 54, small, pale, quiet, but always looking at everyone and everything - a total visual vamp. He would have been 80 years old this coming August, and he truly would have been a gezzerette I love.

where he studied commercial art. While in Pittsburgh, sexy as got to know the painter Philip who wustrator.

The Andy I remember

You can buy this T-shirt with Marc Jacobs as Andy

From Fab SugarHERE

In the June/July double issue of Interview magazine, a modern-day marvel imitates a pop culture legend.
Marc Jacobs appears on the cover of the magazine, which is an ode to the pop artist whose 80th birthday would have been in August. With a platinum wig atop his head, the fashion designer is being compared to the eccentric artist; they both cross bred art and commerce, they have a knack for creating playground-like retail stores and look to other artists for inspiration and collaboration. When asked of the comparison
Marc stated "I don't think of myself that way," he said. "Warhol is Warhol. He's practically a god. I thought, 'I'm going to get a lot of hell for this.'"Whether he gets flak for the cover or not, the photo — the work of Mikael Jansson — will also imprint T-shirts and tote bags to display in the windows of the designer's Bleecker Street store. And it all comes full circle: Proceeds from the Marc/Warhol garb will benefit the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh.

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BwcaBrownie said...

God I loved Andy too - and I hadn't met him.
I recall the thrill of buying my first copy of Interview actually on the street in NYC 1976.

It's remarkable that Andy and Les Paul both totally shaped US pop culture and they were Polish.

Decades ago, a dear friend got himself all the way from Australia to The Factory, knocked at the door and asked if he could see Andy.
The person who opened the door said
"Andy who?"

then they said
'oh wow where did you get those great boots'

(not redacted by Brigid Berlin)