Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tufted Velvet Furniture - Creepy or Sensual?

Would you buy this tufted velvet bed ($3,999 for queen)?
When I was a little girl my grandparents took me to an auntie's funeral parlor. It was my aunt and uncle's family business. They lived upstairs from the funeral parlor. A couple of things were strange to me, besides the concept of dead people and dying, and living upstairs while THEY were down THERE. The word parlor had a certain glamor to it. And there was alot of tufted velvet furniture that I found absolutely irresistible.
Later on as I became a young woman, old ratty tufted velvet fainting couches had a certain appeal. If a piece was red it had a titillating connection to that old fashion bordello style so connected with New Orleans. You know the kind of imagery in the movie "Pretty Baby" where being a whore is kind of romantic and glamorous in a twisted kind of way.
We own one red tufted velvet wing back chair. It's cheap. We got it at a tacky furniture store on St. Claude Avenue for $40. It went in a guest bedroom of our first Bed and Tango, which I tricked out as some kind of bordello experience thinking people would find it funny and fun. No one ever complained, and everyone said they loved the room, Now that chair got hauled upstairs to the hub's office. It is a bitch to keep clean. Lint and dust get encrusted inside the tufting.
Still this is a gorgeous bed...
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mrsben said...

Myself I think the price tag is a tad outrageous, BUT if I could afford one, most probably keeping it clean would be the concern of my Housekeeping Staff :) , not mine. (I do like it but my colour choice would be 'black', not red.)