Thursday, May 29, 2008

Decorating With Style

This is the time of the month when I'm waiting for Domino to come in. I've read last month's magazine at least four or five times, and I've already read the new Elle and Western Interiors. At the supermarket I look over the mag racks, hoping to see something new, or maybe even Domino there ahead of my mail box. I know that the coming issue is the dreaded Summer double issue June/July, but still it should be here already. In desperation I bought Decorating Style, one of those offshoots that Woman's Day puts out quarterly. I try to resist, thinking it is just going to be a waste of $4.99, and the issue is so painfully thin. At the last moment I throw it on the conveyor belt. It sits around for at least a day, and then I crack it open. And it's not too bad.

There's a little of everything,
including outdoor living

This look is doable - these tents are everywhere
and when you dress them up, and use an outdoor
rug, pillows, lanterns, etc. it looks nice

A little guide for buying outdoor furniture

I love this porch and the two large urns used
as the table base with the painted
wooden planks as the tabletop

A nice Living Room - notice the huge silver
trophy with bottled water in it
on the small side table in the left corner

A different take on robin's egg blue
by using wall paper, accent pillows
and the blue glass vase

Trad Dining Room gets a boost
with trendy elements

This Sun Room is so pretty

The mirror table with mercury glass is terrific

There was a page talking about using mirrors
We just saw this mirror from Inside Avenue for $700.

The high priced and low priced

Classic components: sisal rug, nail head trim on
the chair and sofa, matchstick
bamboo shades, dark wood accents

There's a feature on curtains

Love the cobalt blue lamps in
this traditional kitchen

On trend - pink and brown


Cote de Texas said...

ha! I just bought this one too!!

Cote de Texas said...

Congrats!!! you got rid of the numbers! thank you!!!!!!

Sneaky Chic said...

Those yellow and white dining room chairs are to die for!!!

Design Junkie said...

I feel the same way. I bought it desperate for any actual hand held design porn, had low expectations, and was pleasantly surprised. It was actually pretty sophisticated. But now, I've finally gotten the new domino and am retiring to bed with it...sadly that is now my idea of any exciting friday night. I may cry myself to sleep.

visual vamp said...

I am so jealous! My Domino is still not here. What's up with NOLA mail delivery to the Irish Channel. I'm the one crying myself to f-ing hoo...

Design Junkie said...

I don't have a subscription...i got it at Barnes and Nobles...I've been stalking the shelves for weeks. It's pretty good, but as much as I love summer itself, summer issues are never my fav....too much white, usuallly too spare for my taste, and it makes me so jealous to see all those outdoor rooms and entertainment when I live in an air that one can barely breathe outside affter may 15, much less lounge around outdoors on a daybed in a fabu outfit while dining alfresco. here, you'd be dripping in sweat and covered in mosquito bites within 2 sec. And, though I know houses are styled within an inch of their lives for photo shoots, I think they cheat when the photo on the cover doesn't match the same room inside.