Monday, May 26, 2008

The French Woman's Bedroom -Toile

Madame Marie-Paule Pelle
"I make my own bed..."

"I have a wig stand with colored sand inside; it's blue, like a sky.
It makes me dream. And I listen to Richard Strauss.
With the blue wig ball and the music,
I can go to sleep in the blue bedroom;
in another bedroom, it's a different formula."

Marie-Paule calls another one of her bedrooms
her homage to America! The tolie is designed by Huet.

Chinoiserie inspired fabric with black Victorian papier-mache furniture
The bedroom of La Baronne Antoninette De Gunzbourg

Toile and coronets, what could be more French?
The book (The French Woman's Bedroom) continues to amaze, astonish, and inspire. It is chockful of choice personal intimate information:
Madame Marie-Paule won't let anyone touch her bed: "I make my own bed; I hate people touching my intimate things. I'm a maniac!" she laughs. "They can touch anything in the apartment, but they have no right to touch the bed. I don't want ANY stranger touching my bed. I HATE it." Special visitors are, however, welcome. "I like to watch someone sleeping in my bed," she says. "In fact, I adore it."

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