Friday, May 30, 2008

Sex And The City - The Movie Is Perfection!

I hardly ever go to a movie on opening day. But this afternoon we went to see Sex And The City. The theater was full, and you could feel the joyful anticipation from the audience. I came prepared to love it, and I did.
New York City is the fifth star, and she never looked better. You can read about all the plot lines on many other blogs and sites, so I won't rehash it all. Miranda and Steve almost stole the movie, and Jennifer Hudson as Louise is wonderful - that young woman has a career in the movies ahead of her.
There are laughs and tears. There is eye candy galore. Carrie's redecorated apartment is a revelation. Her coming of age is reflected in the decor. She always spent so much visual energy on her clothes and shoes, and her sad little brown apartment never showed that a girly girl lived there.
We went to a 4 PM screening. I love that the movie is over two hours long - as a true fan, I could have watched more. Anyhoo, when we got out of the movie, the lobby was filled with a party! There were cosmos and dressed up girls and boys. It was very festive. The ticket lady told me that every screening had been sold out since the 10 AM showing. We got our tickets this morning on line, and had great seats.
So go and see it. If you didn't like the TV show you won't like the movie, so don't bother. But if you loved those seven seasons, and still watch the reruns, you won't be disappointed.
I hope one of the decor blogs finds and posts photos of the set design by Jeremy Conway sooner than far I can't find a thing. He and Patricia Fields are genius. Michael Patrick King (director and screenplay) really stepped up and made a fabulous film.
Kim Cattrall has sparked rumours that a second instalment of Sex and the City could hit the big screen, after she admitted she would love to be part of it. Kim, who plays sex-pot Samantha Jones in the hit show and film, was blamed for holding up the production of the first movie after rumours spread she was refusing to take part. But now the blond beauty, 51, says there is a possibility the four New York gals could be reunited for another outing if studio bosses agreed. "I hope there is a chance for a second movie. I think if people really respond to this one there's a chance. Although I think the bar will be even higher for us all the next time."

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Fifi Flowers said...

I'm BACKKKKKKKKK! LOVE LOVE LOVED the movie! Great cosmos! Great friends! We were so SATC decked out! Most of the crowd was... mostly woman and two handful of men. The crowd went CRAZY when theme song started! I hope there is another movie... or just bring the show back! I will definitely own it! I almost bought Carrie's Eiffel Tower bag today online... not the 3000.00 one... the lower in model minus crystals... I'm going to sleep on it... not sure I need it... hmmmm