Thursday, May 15, 2008

What Does Your Desk Look Like?

Office of Jayne Mansfield and the hubs Micky

Audrey inspired work space...

...and ANOTHER Audrey inspired office,
complete with Tiffany Box Blue color way

Spare, spare, spare - maybe it's a hotel room

We all work somewhere, whether it's just to waste time looking at blogs, or writing e-mail, or paying bills, writing a book, or really working like at a place of business.
I tend to sit at my desk until my neck hurts. I also love my Eames chair in the living room (so I can watch TV too), but sometimes the wireless signal craps out in there. Propped up in bed is the best place for maintaining perfect keyboard posture - I never have one ache, but I feel skanky when I end up in bed all day.
What does your desk - office, library, cubicle, work space -look like? Send photos please!

1 comment:

Sopapilla said...

My workspace is an uninspiring little niche carved out of a closet with sliding doors removed. Not at all worthy of sharing. But maybe, now that I've seen your post, I could cute it up a bit and get some pics. Love your blog!