Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tell The Cleaning Lady About This...

White vinegar is cheap and great for cleaning
stainless steel and nickle plated faucets

It's so mundane, but the house must be cleaned. I was trying to clean a nickle plated bathroom faucet, and it was still looking dingy. I remembered my mother telling me to use white vinegar on stainless steel (long before so much stainless was in fashion), so I figured I'd try it on the faucet. And voila, shiny, clean, and it didn't hurt my skin, and it smelled like a nice fresh pickle.
So here it is in The New York Times, a whole article about raiding the pantry and using natural things for cleaning HERE
I'm sure any of you have heard this before, but take a refresher course, and get a refreshingly clean house without killing yourself or the planet.

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